Twelve Forty Five

Private Collection


Acrylic – canvas

125mm X 175mm

Another historic building I felt I needed to paint, this building is very damaged after the Christchurch Quakes and I am not sure if it will be repaired.

A little history about this building:

After being stored for 30 years in a council yard in Worcester Street, it was decided that the tower would be used as part of a monument to Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

A competition for a stone tower was held and won by the local architecture firm of Strouts and Ballantyne. The clock was returned to the United Kingdom for renovation, and the addition of chimes. In 1897 it was erected on a stone base at the intersection of Manchester Street, Lichfield Streets and High Streets and remained there until 1930 when it was removed due to it being deemed a traffic hazard and impediment.

The Hamilton Borough Council unsuccessfully tried to buy the clock tower at this point. It was finally relocated that year to its current location on a reserve at the Intersection of Victoria and Montreal Streets and the clock was replaced.

Restoration work was carried out in 1930 as part of the relocation. Further restoration was carried out as a community project, financed by local businesses, in 1978. More substantial renovation was carried out in 2003–2004, including earthquake strengthening. The middle section of the tower was braced with steel, and rods were inserted into the stonework. The renovation budget was NZ$295,000.