Taylor’s Mistake


Acrylic Mixed Media – Canvas

510mm x 1020mm

Can be Viewed and Purchased from

Quality Inn

Papanui Christchurch

Taylor’s Mistake is one of my all time favourite beaches in Christchurch, with a lovely walk around Godley Head, and magnificent views, on a clear day you can see the Kaikoura coastline.

The naming of this small bay which can be found between Sumner and Lyttelton Harbour had been the subject of rich debate over the years. From stories about the captain of the ship Volga grounding itself in 1858 to the second captain Taylor of the ship Catherine in 1864 to the Chief Officer Taylor of the Barque in 1853 … I think that the precise background to the naming of this lovely wee beach will probably elude us all for some time to come.