Mona Lisa

Artwork From The Masters Series
(Master’s Miniature Series 1)


Acrylic on Hot Press

100 x 140 mm

This is the first miniature painting in a new series I will be painting, inspired by artwork from the Masters. I just love the Mona Lisa. Although this artwork is small in stature it has all the detail of any larger artwork that I would paint.

The first time period comes from the identification of the subject with Lisa del Giocondo, wife of the Florentine merchant Francesco del Giocondo, according to Giorgio Vasari.

The second set of dates comes out of the stylistic swtudy of the landscape. The conception of the work can be taken back to the second Florentine period, but it may have been completed ad istantia del quondam maginfico juliano de medici in Rome between 1510-1515.

Sources say that Leonardo brought this painting with him when he moved to France to the Cloux castle near Amboise in the service of king FrracoisI, Antonio de Beatis, secretary to the Cardinal d’Aragon, saw it in his studio when he went to visit Leonardo in October of 1517. Salai, his favourite pupil, inherited it and brought it to Milan where it was inventoried amongst his goods in 1525, a year before his death. Vasari mentioned it as already in Fontainebleau in the collection of FrancoisI ( who died in 1547) and it is discussed here with certainty by Cassiano dal Pozzo in 1625.

(Information has come from a great book – Leoando Da Vinci by Lucia Aquino Preface by Mario Pomilio).