Kowhai Charms

KOWHAI CHARMS $130.00 Acrylic – Canvas 200mm x 200mm This artwork was inspired by our native forests and what lives within it. The Lovely Native Kowhai flowers that hang like wind charms and the very cheeky and cute Tui that I have a … [Read more...]

Rainbow Connection

Rainbow Connection For Sale $85.00 (10cm x 10cm Flat Canvas Board) Acrylic Mixed Media A Beautiful  Monarch butterfly painted onto this Textured -   Colour Rich Artwork Lots of  Texture and yet finished off with a Glass like High Gloss surface! … [Read more...]


PIWAUWAU (Rock Wren) $55.00 Acrylic – Canvas 100mmx100mm Artwork can be viewed and purchased at Café’ Mint, 2 Beckford Road, St Martins Christchurch I love painting Native birds to New Zealand; the little Rock Wren also known as the … [Read more...]


KEA $55.00 Acrylic – Canvas 100mmx100mm The Kea is known for his cheeky, funny and inquisitive personality and yet is one of the most intelligent birds in the world. Kea grows up to 50cm long and although mostly vegetarian, also enjoy … [Read more...]