Portrait Of A Faiyum

Private Collection PORTRAIT OF FAIYUM Acrylic – Hot Press This artwork was inspired by one of the painting I saw when in Paris, the original artwork was a Wax painting on wood. The artwork was a Funerary portrait of a young woman known as … [Read more...]

Green With Envy

Private collection GREEN WITH ENVY GOING AROUND IN CIRCLES Acrylic Mixed Media – Hot Press Pulled art, this style of art is very fun and yet healing at the same time. Using all kinds of words and, scribbles, and even adding images to your … [Read more...]


Private Collection RAW Graphite – Hot Press I have called this “Raw” as this was a case study of a simple face shape, looking at the placement of the eyes, nose and mouth, very basic, very raw, just breaking down a face in a simply way. … [Read more...]


Private Collection INTERPRETATION 280mm x 390mm This artwork was also inspired by another gorgeous painting from the Great Master Leonardo Da Vinci. “Lady with an Ermine”. I really loved the beautiful pale skin of the portraits of those … [Read more...]

In The Park

Private Collection IN THE PARK Acrylic – Hot Press Graphite – Sketch – Hot Press This was a Portrait study I did, first taking a photo, then having a go at sketching it and then re sketching it and painting it. … [Read more...]


Private Collection CONTEMPLATING Acrylic – Hot Press Paper 390mm x 280mm I have taken a year off my usual style of painting to explore Portraiture and I have really fallen in love with a lot of Leonardo Da Vinic’s work. This … [Read more...]

Mona Lisa

MONA LISA Artwork From The Masters Series (Master's Miniature Series 1) $75.00 Acrylic on Hot Press 100 x 140 mm This is the first miniature painting in a new series I will be painting, inspired by artwork from the Masters. I just love … [Read more...]


Private Collection ACCEPTANCE 300mm x 210mm Acrylic Mixed Media – Hot Press Paper “Acceptance” is all about accepting ourselves from the inside out, accepting who we are, what we are, and learning from situations that may arise around … [Read more...]

She Loved Butterflies

Private Collection SHE LOVED BUTTERFLIES 160mm x 210mm Acrylic on Hot Press “She Loved Butterflies” was inspired by the Great Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. This year I have taken time out to experiment with some different styles and … [Read more...]