Rock Pools

ROCK POOLS $250.00 400mm x 400mm This Artwork was inspired by an entry into NZ Art Guild Art Award. Rock Pools was one of the few artworks selected to join the Award Exhibition. I took inspiration from the sea for this artwork, I love the … [Read more...]


Private collection EVOLVE Acrylic- on Paper 300mm x210mm I have a very special love of the Butterfly and what it represents to me: New Beginnings, Transformation, Evolving, New Life. In this artwork I have used the Monarch’s life cycle … [Read more...]

My Eternal Rose

MY ETERNAL ROSE $110.00 Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas 110mm x 300mm x 40mm This is a lovely peaceful artwork with Lovely all over texture. The roses, leaves and bow are all hand crafted by myself. The various colours used within this … [Read more...]

Sixes and Sevens

SEVENS S260.00 Individually Acrylic Mixed Media 200mm x 600mm This artwork was inspired by driving through the city in spring and seeing all the spring flowers popping up. The flowers and stems are all 2 dimensional and are hand crafted … [Read more...]

A Storm Is Brewing

A STORM IS BREWING $750.00 Acrylic Mixed Media 300mm x 900mm Artwork inspired by a photograph I took when at Sumner Beach one Sunday afternoon, just when the clouds started rolling in, it was a very airy moment. … [Read more...]


HARMONY (Mandela) $75.00 150mm x 150mm Acrylic Mixed Media on Wood ready to Hang This artwork can be viewed and purchased from Cafe Mint, 266 Wairakei Road, Bryndwr Christchurch The word "mandala" is from the classical Indian … [Read more...]