ARCHWAYS $700.00 Acrylic – Canvas 250mm x 750mm This artwork was inspired by tome of the beautiful Historic Archways that could be found all around the Christchurch Art Centre. Over the last couple of years Christchurch New Zealand has … [Read more...]

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS (Edmonds Band Rotunder, Christchurch) $75.00 Acrylic – Canvas 175mm x 125mm Artwork can be viewed and purchased from Quality Inn Papanui Road Christchurch This was a Beautiful Historical building donated to … [Read more...]

From A Far

FROM A FAR (Time Ball Station - Lyttleton) $75.00 Acrlyic – canvas 125mm x 175mm Can be viewed and purchased from Quality Inn Papanui Christchurch This was another Historical building that I felt I really wanted to paint after the … [Read more...]

Twelve Forty Five

Private Collection TWELVE FORTY FIVE Acrylic - canvas 125mm X 175mm Another historic building I felt I needed to paint, this building is very damaged after the Christchurch Quakes and I am not sure if it will be repaired. A little … [Read more...]

Storms Ahead

STORMS AHEAD (The Christchurch Cathedral) $75.00 Acrylic – Canvas 125mm x 175mm Artwork can be viewed and purchased from Café’ Mint, 266 Wairakei Road, Bryndwr, Christchurch In Memory of the Christchurch Cathedral that all … [Read more...]

Provincial Chambers Door

PROVINCIAL CHAMBER DOOR Sold Acrylic – Canvas 100mm x 100mm After devastating earthquakes rocked and destroyed our beloved city of Christchurch New Zealand. I was inspired to paint some of our local landmarks. The Door in this painting … [Read more...]