Blending Acrylic Made Easy with Golden Glazing Liquid

Blending Glazing Liquid, Cad Red Med and Hansa Yellow Med Fluid acrylic paint

How many times have you had trouble with trying to blend acrylic colours?

Acrylic dries fast so can be a real issue for people trying to blend with it.

Glazing is a wonderful way to add depth to your artwork.

There are, several great ways to blend colours but today I am just going to talk about blending with Golden Glazing Liquid.

Using Golden Glazing Liquid is especially good for those that are new to painting?

You will need:

Gel Medium Gloss, Glazing Liquid and 4 different colour Acrylic Fluid paints. (I like to use fluid paint as it doesn’t show brush strokes )

1.  Seal your surface that you are about to paint on, with a layer of Gloss Gel Medium and allow that to dry.

2. Paint a straight layer of Golden Glazing Liquid over your surface, now it is very IMPORTANT NOT TO LET THIS DRY BEFORE THE NEXT STEP!

3. On your palate, side by side (do not mix them together!) put an equal amount of Golden Glazing Liquid and Paint.

Golden Acrylic Glazing

4. Dip your brush into the paint and then glazing liquid and apply straight onto your surface, starting from one side of your surface to about the middle or 3/4 off the way across, at that point stop and wipe off any paint left on your brush. You should notice that the paint where you started should be way more intense in colour and starting to lighten toward the middle of your surface.

After you have wiped off, with a cloth or paper towel, excess paint on your brush, continue to spread the glaze and paint toward the middle and right across your surface until you reach the other side. By the time you get to the other side you probably will have hardly any paint left just glazing liquid, that is good.

* If by this stage the paint is starting to dry and get sticky then STOP and wait till it is dry before you paint any more.

5. Now starting in another area or corner repeat above process with 2 different colours.

Have Fun !!

( And don’t be shy I would love to hear how you got on so please make a comment )