A View of Sumner …

"A View of Sumner" Acrylic Not For Sale Acrylic painted on Boxed canvas.  Painted from a photo taken whilst walking down Spencer Park Beach looking toward  Sumner Beach in the distance. … [Read more...]

Spencer park

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Private collection EVOLVE Acrylic- on Paper 300mm x210mm I have a very special love of the Butterfly and what it represents to me: New Beginnings, Transformation, Evolving, New Life. In this artwork I have used the Monarch’s life cycle … [Read more...]

How To Keep Paint Brushes In Good Condition

After you wash your brush, dab it on a dry cloth or rag and then use a fine tooth comb (hair comb) and comb the brush. This keeps the bristles or hair straight so they don't intertwine around each other or get out of shape. … [Read more...]

Blending Acrylic Made Easy with Golden Glazing Liquid

How many times have you had trouble with trying to blend acrylic colours? Acrylic dries fast so can be a real issue for people trying to blend with it. Glazing is a wonderful way to add depth to your artwork. There are, several great ways to … [Read more...]


PIWAUWAU (Rock Wren) $55.00 Acrylic – Canvas 100mmx100mm Artwork can be viewed and purchased at Café’ Mint, 2 Beckford Road, St Martins Christchurch I love painting Native birds to New Zealand; the little Rock Wren also known as the … [Read more...]

Last Snowfall

LAST SNOWFALL $750.00 Oil - Canvas 200mm x 900 The last dusting of spring snow can be seen on the tips of the Southern Alps as seen from the wetlands in Canterbury, New Zealand. … [Read more...]

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS (Edmonds Band Rotunder, Christchurch) $75.00 Acrylic – Canvas 175mm x 125mm Artwork can be viewed and purchased from Quality Inn Papanui Road Christchurch This was a Beautiful Historical building donated to … [Read more...]

Taylor’s Mistake

TAYLOR'S MISTAKE Acrylic Mixed Media – Canvas 510mm x 1020mm Can be Viewed and Purchased from Quality Inn Papanui Christchurch Taylor’s Mistake is one of my all time favourite beaches in Christchurch, with a lovely walk around … [Read more...]

My Eternal Rose

MY ETERNAL ROSE $110.00 Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas 110mm x 300mm x 40mm This is a lovely peaceful artwork with Lovely all over texture. The roses, leaves and bow are all hand crafted by myself. The various colours used within this … [Read more...]