Acrylic – Canvas

250mm x 750mm

This artwork was inspired by tome of the beautiful Historic Archways that could be found all around the Christchurch Art Centre.

Over the last couple of years Christchurch New Zealand has had the misfortune to have had thousands of devastating earthquakes that have destroyed our city and surrounding areas.

In the centre of our beautiful city Stood the Christchurch Art Centre, which was the first University in Canterbury. In later years these buildings were turned into what we Christchurch folk have known as “The Art Centre” where in the weekend there were markets, buskers, little shops, cafes, music, galleries dotted all around. There was a lovely big hall called “The Great hall” that was frequently hired for weddings, a beautiful selection of Historic buildings made of stone and mortar, with beautiful arch ways and lovely pillars, now very damaged and possibly beyond repair.