About Donna

Donna Steel, Contemporary New Zealand Artist, Certified Golden Artist Educator and Art Tutor.

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Donna has always had a fascination for creating  things. “I love to paint and also love to sculpt, so I have managed to combine these two passions with my mixed media artworks. A Total Texture Junkie is a good way to describe me. I enjoy incorporating many different types of texture and resin in my artworks.”

Donna’s artwork can take up to several weeks to complete depending on the different processes and mediums that she uses. She enjoys a wide variety of subject matter, from Portraits, Abstract, Landscape, Architecture through to Birds and Butterflies.

Photography is another passion of Donna’s, where she often uses her own images to inspire artworks.

A lot of her inspiration comes from just everyday moments of life, like a weekend away, a memory, driving down the road and seeing or hearing something.  She has a passion for the outdoors: nature in all it’s beauty, be it mountains, rivers, flowers, trees or butterflies, and more recently since the ever-changing landscape of Christchurch, she has started to paint some of the Christchurch Heritage buildings that have meant so much to her growing up.

Over the last few years Donna has developed a strong passion for teaching Art and has a huge belief that  the creative process can be a health-enhancing and growth producing experience for all involved.

Donna also teaches her own day art classes  and teaching Community Adult Education Art Programs at night. Commissions accepted.

“Every Artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature
into his Pictures” Henry Beecher